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Just An Excuse To Stay Up Late and Eat Cheese cake. . .

Dreaming of Cheese Cake
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Late one night when the kids were all in bed and my mind was not letting me get to sleep, I found myself doing a little bit of holiday planning.  I love parties.  I love the food, the games, the friends and having fun with my kids.  In order for our holidays to be most successful, a little advance planning helps.  Well here I was innocently looking up Fathers’ day when lo and behold, I came across Shavuot!!!!  I say innocently because I have been accused of trying to search out obscure holidays just so I have an excuse to dress-up.  Truthfully I may have done that in the past, but this time Shavuot just found me and it happens to be quite an important holiday!   Another Jewish holiday.  I wondered if it was as fun as Purim. It is funner. . . it involves cheese cake and staying up late!!

Stuffed Cheese Cake Strawberries video tutorial
Stuffed Cheese Cake Strawberries Video Tutorial
 Staying awake all night as a sign to God that, “unlike the situation of our heavy-lidded ancestors at Sinai, there is no need to bring us to our senses; we are ready to receive Torah” (or revelation). This is great, since we do something similar every year anyways.
Each year we read one of the standard works as part of homeschool (this is separate from our family scripture reading that usually focus’s on the Book of Mormon).  We try to read everyday, study the background and do activities related to what we have read.  Rarely do we actually finish a standard work (except the Pearl of Great Price) by the time a new school year approaches.  To make sure that it gets ‘read’, a few weeks before a new school starts, we have a read-a-thon.  We start in the early evening with lots of yummy food and read until two or three in the morning.  The kids love it, cousins beg to come over and join us, and it is just a delightful time.  Little did I realize that I was basically celebrating Shavuot, just a little early (or late)!

So this year I decide that instead of waiting till the 11th hour to finish reading the Doctrine and Covenants, we will celebrate Shavuot! This year Shavuot starts in the evening of May 26 and goes to the evening of May 28th

Here is a cute Shavout music video

Here is a great website about Shavuot including recipes–