Fun Family Scrabble-a Co-operative Learning Game

Magnetic Scabble
Click To Make Your Own Wall Mounted Magnetic Scabble Board Tutorial

In Family Scrabble we are all on the same team.  We try getting points, but add them to one master point list.  We also are allowed to help each other, share letters, and go off the board if we need to.  We had such a blast playing together.  Nobody cried and we got a total of 356 points!!!

I think the most we got for one word was 48 points!   We had so much fun playing (no hurt feelings or tears-just working together) that we couldn’t wait till Daddy came home from work and got him to play a game with us.

Family Fun Scrabble Game
Family Fun Scrabble Game

Since that time we have played Family Scrabble many times.  It has helped improve everyone’s spelling and fosters a feeling of togetherness that the other way did not.  It is especially great for all ages being able to play together.

Our new motto is “Families who spell together smell together” 🙂

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