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Making the world a better place with just 100 dollars

100 dollars inside
100 dollars inside
101 happy people project
Link to the 101 Happy People Project Blog

This is a cool story about a boy who found 100 dollars while jogging one morning.  Instead of spending it on himself, he decided he wanted to see if he could use that 100 to make 100 people happy by doing service, buying them something, or cheering them up.  This is his blog about the experience-nothing fancy, just a simple way of doing something and trying to encourage others to join in.

Here is a good write-up about the whole project.  After reading this to my kids we had a great discussion on how we can make a difference to someones life by doing random acts of kindness as well.  Sometimes we think we need to do something big in order to make a difference-this is not so.  It is the small and simple things people do daily, that makes this world so wonderful to live in.