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Using Pop Bottles To Make Solar Lights

Pop Bottle Solar Light

A while ago, I came across a video clip of a man living in the slums who found an opportunity to improve the lives around him while providing for his family at the same time.  This man had learned about a simple and cheap method of installing solar lights into the homes around him.  Most homes in the slums are very dark because the people are too poor to pay for electricity.  This man, with a little help from others, started a business installing upcycled (or repurposed) pop bottles full of water into the roofs of his neighbors.  These water filled bottles become solar lights for the occupants of the home, bringing light into a previously darkened home, for less than a dollar.  I love how something so simple (and cheap) can help solve a problem that has bothered people for ages.  This story reminded me once again of all I take for granted.  Even with our lights off, my home is filled with light due to the windows in my home.  I was humbled to realize that many in the slums do not even have windows to allow the natural sunlight in.

Click on the picture to see a DIY tutorial on making your own solar light.  


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