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Lighting the World-One Ball At A Time

Video on Soccket-The soccer Ball that stores electricity
Video on Soccket-The soccer Ball that stores electricity

My husband is a sporty kind of guy.

He is the type that collected sports cards for his retirement plan (and which we recently sold a boxful for 50 dollars :)) and memorized all the stats on the back.  Not only does he love sports of all kind, and plays most very well, he also has a great interest in humanitarian work.  With this in mind it is no wonder how thrilled he was to show me the sOccket.  The sOccket is a soccer ball that stores kinetic energy.  This means, every time the ball is kicked or bounced, the ball is getting charged with electricity.  After only 15 minutes of playing with the sOccek, there should be enough electricity stored to power one light for three hours. This project is being funded by the parent company called Uncharted Play.  I love the idea behind the ball and the mission statement of  Uncharted Play which is “Innovate. Play. Empower. We believe that a solution shouldn’t be a constant reminder of what one lacks. We address real-world issues with products, services, and events that are grounded in the fun of life. By amplifying existing play behavior, we aim to invite the world to rethink the function of play as both a tool for change and a way to keep joy at the forefront of our lives.”  What a positive out look on life-how blessed we all would be if we viewed our own problems in a similar manner.  I hope you take time to watch the ad for the sOccket, it is awesome!


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