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Fathers are the secret ingredient to a successful camp!

We tried out a few camp recipes today and oh boy, do we have some work to do before I can thrive camping.  I am determined though and my kids seem excited to come along for the ride.  Even more exciting is that my sweetheart has decided to jump into this latest adventure.  He didn`t even grimace when camp fire smoke filled the house at lunch time and he was presented with a very burnt

DIY Yummy camp fire egg recipes

egg for lunch.  The kids on the other hand were not impressed with burnt nachos!  Luckily I had lots of chips and cheese because it took 5 tries before someone got a bowl of campfire nacho`s that did not taste like camp fire!

yummy camp fire nacho's
yummy camp fire nacho’s

I perfected the eggs pretty easily, as well as hobo dinners.

Later in the evening I caught my sweetheart practicing some `camp games` (looked like soccer) with the oldest three kids.  They were loving the attention from their Papa, and he was enjoying the challenge of trying to play against three budding soccer kids.  I was struck with how lucky my kids were.  Their Papa really takes these words from conference to heart “May we heed the voice of the prophets, who, from the beginning of time, have warned us about the importance of fathers in the home”.  This counsel is becoming more and more important as society seems to be disregarding the role of fatherhood more each year.  A well documented fact was brought up in a recent movie I watched called Courageous.

Courageous-a must see movie for every father
Courageous-a must see movie for every father

One of the police officers pointed out to another police officer that the jails are full of children who were raised without a father.

Fathers play a powerful role in raising children to be happy, functioning, and productive.

In a book called “Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters  Margaret Meeker states “Daughters who perceive that their fathers care a lot about them, who feel connected to their fathers, have significantly fewer suicide attempts and fewer instances of body dissatisfaction, depression, low self-esteem, substance use, and unhealthy weight.” Being raised by a “strong father” I know that his influence is invaluable in my life.     The effort a father puts into being with their family does not just benefit their spouse and children.  According to  Eggebeen and Knoester (2001)” [they] found that men who were more involved in their children’s lives were more satisfied with their lives, were more involved with their communities, more connected to their families, and less involved with their work”.  This make sense since caring for their families and engaging in “wholesome recreation” is a divine command from God. Doctrine and Covenants explain that “There is a law, irrevocably decreed in heaven before the foundations of this world, upon which all blessings are predicated— And when we obtain any blessing  from God, it is by obedience to that law upon which it is predicated.” Not only does this mean that if we want blessings we must first obey the laws, it also means that when we obey the laws of heaven, we will beblessed.  So a father who chooses to obey the laws of heaven and follow the counsel of the prophet to engage in “wholesome recreation” will undoubtedly be blessed.  In this case it seems that the blessings are to enjoy a happier richer life.  What a joy the gospel is, we are commanded to do our duty, and when we do, we are filled with so much joy and happiness that we wonder that we ever were reluctant in the first place.I hope this reasoning hold true with camp fire cooking.  I am detirmined to find out what the ‘laws’ of camp fire cooking is so that my food comes out more edible.


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