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Butterfly Story

Paper Butterfly origami tutorial
Paper Butterfly origami tutorial

A young boy found a butterfly cocoon one day and was delighted to see that it was still alive, wiggling around as it tried to break free from the cocoon.  A small opening appeared, and the boy sat quietly to watch this miracle happen before his eyes.  For several hours the boy waited as the butterfly worked.  Impatient to see the butterfly emerge, and worried that the butterfly would be unable to break free from the cocoon itself, the boy gently ripped the cocoon a little bit. Gratefully the butterfly emerged quite easily, but something was wrong.  Instead of a beautiful creature of the air, the butterflies head seemed swollen and the wings were shrivelled.

Worried the boy ran to his mother, butterfly in hand.  As he tearfully told his mother what happened he showed her the butterfly.  The wise mother looked at the butterfly and listened carefully to his story.  Gently she put her hand on her little boys shoulders.  “Oh my son” she told him “you were trying to be kind to the butterfly I know, when you helped it come out of the cocoon.  What you did not know was that as a butterfly struggles to get out of it’s cocoon, the fluids in the butterflies body gets pumped into its wings.  Only through making it through the hole by itself, does it have the strength and ability to fly on it’s own.”

3-D Paper Butterfly Tutorial
3-D Paper Butterfly Tutorial

Like the young trees which grows strong from being blown about by the wind, in life we all need to struggle sometimes to make us strong.

When we teach and teach others it is wise to recognize when people need to do things for themselves, instead of always being eager to help.


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