Kids Can Change The World-A local Humanitarian club made up of kids

In 2008 a group of kids spent the morning setting up stuff for a garage sale in their small town of Cardston.  The object of the garage sale was to help raise money to donate to Run 4 The Rescue-a human traffiking awareness campaign.

Run 4 The Rescue

Run 4 The Rescue

After sweating, selling, baking,bargaining and working hard, something amazing happened.  Not only did the group raise 500 dollars, they also realized that even though they were young (6-9 years old), they had the ability to make a huge difference.  That day, under the canopy of garage sale sheets and boxes the humanitarian club “Kids Can Change The World” was formed.  The next few months KCCW worked hard to raise more money for Run 4 The Rescue and ended up donating more than 2000 dollars that they raised through mowing lawns, holding other garage sales, collecting recycling and selling lemonade.

In the Fall of 2008 the kids regrouped to formally organize their club complete with rules, bylaws, and a presidency.  The next project this group choose to raise funds Haiti recover from devastating disaster.  After much thought and effort KCCW organized their first “Daddy-Daughter” Valentines dance.

Daddy-Daughter Dance information

Daddy-Daughter Dance

Not only was the event a smashing success for all the dad’s and daughters that choose to participate, KCCW was also able to raise 800 dollars to donate to Haiti.

Family Masquerade Dance

Family Masquerade Dance 

Preparing Soup For The Soup Kitchen
Preparing Soup For The Soup Kitchen

Treat-Of-The-Week Chocolate Cheesecake Stuffed Strawberry Recipe

Treat-Of-The-Week Chocolate Cheesecake Stuffed Strawberry Recipe

Since that time KCCW has participated in a tons of projects locally and globally.  Their moto is “Changing The World One Project At A Time” and they work hard to find projects that support this moto.  It is evident that they have been successful in living their moto throughout the years.  In the past 4 years KCCW members have grown a garden for the Moses Lake Soup Kitchen, served at the soup kitchen regularly, held a book drive and built bookcases for the local homeless shelter, participated in many walks for Alcohol Abuse Awareness, Diabetes, Child Abuse, and Grandma’s to Grandma’s.  Along with trying to ‘do good things’ the kids from KCCW  are dedicated to putting on community events that strengthen families, foster awareness for poverty, draws communities together such as their annual Masquerade Dance, Daddy-daughter Dance, Mother-Son Games Night, Kids Kraft Fair and Family Hunger Banquet.  All funds raised has gone to supporting different humanitarian projects locally and around the world. They also have had the privilege of singing at a number of local and regional Humanitarian events.Realizing that the biggest change happens when everyone “lift[s] where [they] stand”, KCCW  is currently sponsoring a “Treat-of-the-week” program.  For the next few month (except when they are camping), members from Kids-Can-Change-The-World will be practicing making new and delicious ‘treats’.  Community members are invited to sign up to receive a ‘treat-of-the-week’ via local advertising methods.  All these treats are free and will be personally delivered to your door (or the door of someone you love).  So far they have only been doing this for three weeks and have understandingly been met great enthusiasm.  Not only are the kids enjoying sampling all the defective ‘treats’ they are also enjoying the opportunity to give back to a community that has supported them so often in the past few years.  Without the support of the two communities near them (Cardston and Moses Lake) KCCW would not have been as successful as they have been.Along with handing out free “treats-of-the-week” to the community, KCCW members are raising money to go to Mexico as a group and help build a house for someone in need.  In order to pay for a whole house, KCCW needs to raise 6000 dollars for the cost of the house, plus 500 each for travel.  If you, or anyone you know is interested in helping these amazing kids reach their goal, we invite you to do so.  You can support them but donating money, hiring them to come and do yard work, donate your recycling, or come to one of the many events they put on.  For more information on events and to contact them please go to their website.


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