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Green Healing Cream

Green Healing Cream

My favorite, most used home remedy is my Green Healing Cream.  Inspired by a good friend Connie Henries, I make a large batch of this cream every year to keep on hand for my family, and to give away to friends and neighbors.  Making this cream is easy.


Enough of your favorite healing herb/herbs to fill a jar

Olive oil



Pick your favorite herbs
Pick your favorite herbs-remember to make sure they are dry without any dew on them.  To be safe let them rest in the sun for the day.

All you do is gather up the herbs of your choice, my favorite herb is comfrey and plantain, if I can find dandelion, and chickweed or calendula I am eager to add those to the mix as well.  Make sure you herbs are gathered after all dew has evaporated, water makes the mixture rot, sometimes I even let the herbs rest for a day in the sun so that I am sure they are completely dry.

Preparing Plantain
Cut the herbs up-scissors really help

Next I chop them all up and stuff them in a quart jar.  I then pour olive oil in the jar, stirring gently to make sure all the air bubbles are out. Make sure you fill the jar until all the herbs are covered.

Plantain Covered in Olive Oil
Make sure you put enough oil to cover the herbs.

Once the air bubbles are out, I put a cheese cloth (or other pretty cloth I might have laying around) over the top.

Cover the Oil Covered Plantain With A Cloth
Cover jar with a cheese cloth-this mixture needs air.  Stir every few days.  After two weeks strain and repeat process a few times.

then put the whole jar in the sunshine for about a month, stirring gently every few days and always making sure that the herbs are covered at all times by oil.  After a couple weeks strain it and put in more wilted hers.  You can do this all summer if you want-the more you do it the more potent it is.  Sometimes I leave the mixture too long and the plant matter has begun to rot making the mixture smell yucky.  That is okay-not ideal but the cream will still work great.  Don’t throw it out and don’t do what I did one year and put peppermint oil in it to make it smell nicer.  Anytime we used that batch for facial scratches the peppermint did not feel good 🙂

After you have strained the oil for the last time put it on the stove and warm slightly.  Put about 1/10 it weight of bee wax in the warm oil.  After I have melted the beeswax I dip a cold spoon (from the freezer) in the mixture and see how hard I get.  If the ointment is too soft (you want it the consistency of butter), then just add more bees wax.  Finally pour your mixture into jars and use for diaper rash, to speed wound recovery, eczema, and as a hand cream.

Favorite Herbs to use and why

Comfrey-speeds up healing because it contains allantoin, a substance that aids the granulation and cell formation.

Plantain-draws out infection and speeds healing

Lavender-antiseptic, and anti-inflammatory properties that help calm irritated skin

Calendula-Anti-septic, and anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal and anti-viral that help prevent infection

Chickweed-Cooling and antiseptic herb.  Relieve skin conditions such as itching, blisters, boils, and abscesses.

Dandelion-Anti-inflammatory-used to aid in gout and rheumatism

Chamomile-anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-allergenic and sedative properties

Yarrow-heal bruises, burns, cuts, swelling, ulcers and wounds

Arnica-great for sprains, strains and pulled ligaments or muscles. It is anti-inflammatory, reduces swelling


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