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Honey Ginger Healing Throat Syrup

This is my favorite tasting Healing Throat Syrup.  I love the taste of ginger of honey.  If my kids are tricky they can catch me snacking on it for fun.  I have another recipe that is similar that I use for kids since they think my ginger honey is too spicy.

Bottled Honey Ginger Sunshine
Bottled Honey Ginger Sunshine-

This remedy is perfect for sore throats and colds.  It is a wonderful expectorant (something that helps loosen phlegm) and gives instantaneous relief from the cough, cold, runny nose and sore throat.  It also has antioxidant properties which helps strengthen our immune system.  I believe God gave us this remedy as a gift to remind us that even in times of sickness-all is not lost.  I call it my bottled sunshine.  And when made from raw honey (not to be given to babies under the age of one) it is my bottled golden sunshine 🙂

Honey, ginger and black is believed to help asthma, but I personally have never tried this.

Here is the same recipe using garlic instead of honey


Ginger root




scrap off the skin of the ginger root with a spoon or paring knife.  Chop ginger into slices the thickness of a loonie.  Fill jar with chopped ginger.  Pour warmed honey over the ginger untill all the root is covered.  Put lid on and place in sunlight.  Ready to use in 4 days-best used in two weeks-keeps for months in the fridge


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