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I Love To See The Temple

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Valentine Day Mantel

I have always wanted a house with a fireplace.  After finally finding my miracle home, and moving it on my very own land, I was delighted to be able to design my own matel over my own fireplace.  It was very stressful at times because I didn’t see any I totally “LOVED”, but so fun to explore the possibilities.  I love how it turned out, and love the added joy of being able to decorate my mantel for different holidays.

Valentine Temple Poster Free for personal use
Valentine Temple Poster Free for personal use

We have been asked to always have a picture of a temple up in our house.  I didn’t have one up yet, and could not afford to buy one, so I made one.  I went outside, took my camera and snapped a picture.  I then came inside and photoshopped my picture to make the above poster.  I had so much fun doing it, and finished it on the day I taught my kids all about “Loving The Temple”.

Talia's Temple final - ithink-Recovered
Golden Dew From Heaven Temple Poster

I talked to them about my first experience going to the temple and how peaceful it was, but also how ‘different’.  I was not used to thinking symbolically and since everything in the temple is symbolic, it took some adjusting to.  I remember thinking, as I entered the celestial room, that going to the temple was like being lead into a room that was covered in the most amazing murals but that I did not have time to really study and appreciate the mural and all it’s details.  I still feel that way, but have come to love the familiar feeling of peace that emulates through the building.

Hannah's Once Upon A Time
Graceful Temple Once Upon A Time

We had a really good discussion about why we have certain ceremonies that we do over and over and over the exact same way.  Just like a good story, we can listen or do things over and over and learn something new every time.  It is through the repetition that understanding comes.

For instance, I told them about one time when I was thinking about the story of Adam and Eve.  I have read that story  hundreds of time and never really thought about it’s meaning past the obvious story.  This day was different.  I was alone and really thinking about my life.  As I listened to the story of Adam being read out, I wondered why Satan told Adam and Eve to put on fig leaves.

It was a funny question, but as I quietly thought about it, I realized how tricky Satan was.  Satan told them to put on fig leaves because they were ‘naked’ and God might see their nakedness.  Adam and Eve most likely were experiencing the first feelings of guilt and discomfort because of their disobedience to God’s law.  While they were still confused, Satan wisely distracted them with the information that they were ‘naked’ (a state they had innocently always been in and never worried about before), indicating that that was the reason they felt guilty.  He then instructed them to use fig leaves to hide their nakedness.  My kids could easily see how ridiculous that was.  Even my five year old knew that leaves would not keep her modest for long.

Ethan's Temple
Firm Temple

It is interesting how Satan was able to make up a totally false reason for Adam and Eve’s guilty feelings and could give them such a inadequate way of solving their problem and yet Adam and Eve went for it.  It made me wonder how often I sin and Satan tricks me into thinking my sin was something different than what it really was so that I can not repent and fix the problem.  It is not until we honestly recognize how we are sinning, that we can repent and move on.  Satan knows this, thus he is constantly trying to distract us with easy false solutions, so that we never realize what really needs to be taken care of.  I am grateful to read of Heavenly Fathers kind response to Adam and Eve’s disobedience.  Not only does he offer them hope for the future, he also takes care of their now new immediate need-their nakedness, with garments that truly cover and can put up with daily use.

Perfect Temple
Perfect Temple
Isaac's Temple
Laughing Temple



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