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Origins Of St.Valentines Day

Marriage quote

The most common traditional story of why we celebrate St.Valentines Day took place during the reign of Claudius II of Rome. Tradition states that Claudius felt that married men were a liability to the armies of Rome and so he made a law that Roman soldiers were not allowed to get married. Valentine, a Christian priest, knew that marriage was ordained of God and thereby vital to mankind. Realizing that he put himself at great risk, he continued to marry young couples privately. This continued until the Roman government heard of Valentines defiance. It was not long before Valentine was imprisoned and sentenced to death unless he promised to stop marrying soldiers. Valentine refused to stop, feeling it was his obligation to stand up for marriage not matter the consequence. Valentine was ordered to be put to death on February 14th. This courageous story ends with the added piece of romantic information. Apparently, Valentine had a sweetheart himself. On the day of his execution  he to his sweetheart and signed his letter “I will always be your Valentine”.


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