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Amazing Date Night Kits Downloads

I have been dying to write this post, I have just been waiting for the pictures.  The wait was worth it!!!

Amazingly fun, silly and romantic "Literature Date"
Amazingly fun, silly and romantic “Literature Date”

This month as I was thinking about different devotionals to do with my kids I did a devotional on “Love in Marriage”.  For the activity my kids and I put together some ‘Date Night Kits’ for their newly wed cousins.  It was so fun researching fun date ideas and putting the kit together that I felt guilty.  With seven kids, homeschooling, new babies, new house, and that re-occurring flu going around I realized that my ‘date nights’ have dwindled to almost non-existent.  This should not be so.  With so many pressures in the world, pulling my family apart, I know that the best thing a husband can do for his kids is “love their mother” and the best thing I can do for my kids it to love and care for their father.  With that in mind, my sister and I got together and made ‘date kits’ for date night.  THEY TURNED OUT SO STINKIN’ CUTE I AM DYING!!!!  Seriously, I don’t really often make things that I am so excited about (usually too busy wiping noses and changing diapers to do more than the basic crafts with my kids).  It was a good thing I left it for so late in the month because I got so excited that I could keep doing more and more. While my husband would definitely enjoy the outcome of me doing more and more, I don’t think he would appreciate the lack of attention my kids got while doing this project.

Literature Date-So cute!
Literature Date-So cute!
Couples Cafe From Dating Divas’s
Romantic “Lights Out Date”
Relaxing Retreat With “Conversation Helpers”
Amazing Valentine Date Kit-click to read about more and download


Date of Artistic Fun
Date of Artistic Fun

FamilyHIstoryDate ArtAppreciation

Shakespeare Date Night

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