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A Whole Dump Load Of Love

I can’t believe Valentines Day is only 2 days away.  I had grand plans of doing a devotional on love for the two weeks before Valentines Day, take pictures and blog about it each day.  Obviously that did not all happen.  Such is life 🙂  I guess I need to not worry about what I didn’t do, and just ‘Enjoy the Journey‘ while I celebrate what I did do.  

What I did do was do a devotional ALMOST every day, and took some pictures.  I am not going to write out what I did for each of the devotionals because that takes too long, but I will post some of the pictures with links to some free Valentine downloads.  Just wait till you see the Date Kit my sister and I made 🙂

Valentine Family Photo
Valentine Family Photo
Graven (well stamped) metal spoons
I have Graven (well stamped) thee. . . metal spoons
Heart Attack
Heart Attack-click for more free downloads
Love Posters
Love Posters-click for more free down loads
Valentine Notes
Valentine Notes To Fill Sibling Valentine Evelopes
Free Valentine downloads for my sister-click for more
Free Valentine downloads for my sister

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