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Silly Romantic Literature Date Night-Strengthening Marriage One Poem At A Time

Last week my husband reached in his awesomely incredible Valentine Date Kit and pulled out my favorite date: A Silly Romantic Literature Date.

Literature Date-So cute!
Literature Date-So cute!

All week I reminded him about the date, and even arranged for my sister to take my kids for the evening.  He was definitely more excited to have me alone than to participate in a ‘literature date’.  Little did he know what fun I had up my sleeves.

Around 3 o’clock I started cleaning the house-who wants a date in a messy, muddy house (my house get’s muddy once the weather starts getting nicer)?  I got the girls to set the table, and was so pleased with myself by how things were looking when Steve came back from his temple

Yummy Sliced Baked Potato
Yummy Sliced Baked Potato-Just slice leaving the bottom attached.  Drizzle with Olive Oil and a little salt.  Microwave for 4-9 minutes each.  Top with grated cheese as soon as you take them out.

session at 6.  That was when I remembered that I needed to make a dinner for us both 😦  As pretty as the table looked, it wouldn’t be very satisfying without food.  Unfortunately we hadn’t gone shopping for a few days and there was no ‘instant’ foods in my cupboards.  I was stumped until I remembered seeing a picture of a pretty sliced potato somewhere.  Normally potato’s take a long time to cook, and we didn’t have a long time, so I decided to use the microwave.  It worked great, I only had to cook them each for 5 minutes with a little bit of drizzled olive oil.  I immediately sprinkled them with grated cheese the minute they came out of the microwave.  They turned out so pretty I had to take a picture of them.  Not bad for 10 minutes of work 🙂

The rest of the date went delightfully well.  We ate our dinner by the light of candles and the warmth of our fireplace.

Romantic Dinner before our 'silly poems'
Romantic Dinner before our ‘silly poems’

We chatted, laughed and just enjoyed being with each others.  The Mad Lib we used was particularly funny because the first line opened up with a “I gazed across the table from him.  He was so (adjective). . . .”  The adjective that Steve picked was ‘sparkly’.  Anyone who knows my husband, knows that he somehow attracts sparkles like a plague.  If there is ever a sparkle to be found, it will be on his cheek.  One day, when he was particularly sparkly, he mentioned to his co-worker that he just couldn’t get rid of the darn stuff.  His co-worker laughed and said that he had noticed sparkles on my husbands face and didn’t want to say anything because he just didn’t know if my husband was experimenting with it or not 🙂

Our poems were equally funny to write and I truly felt like I was falling-in-love with my husband all over again (the chocolate he bought me didn’t hurt the process either ). I know why the leaders of our church always are encouraging us to not miss our weekly dates together.  It is just plain fun being alone with my best friend.  I love it and I love him.  I dont’ know why I have been so casual with dating him in the past.  Especially since he so clearly follows Sisters Daltons advice to “love [their] mother“.

I vow that in the future I will be much more diligent in letting this man of mine know how much I adore him.  Sometimes I think I am immuned to the stresses that pull marriages apart, but that is so naive of me.  As my brother-in-law told the girls at the “temple night” we just had for them, there is nothing that the adversary is more afraid of than a righteous young man marrying a righteous young woman forming an eternal family.  The reason for the adversaries fear is, that he knows that that couple is going to do anything they can do to raise up righteous posterity unto the Lord.  When my brother-in-law said that I had that ‘a hah’ moment.  I could see so clearly why the adversary encourages the blurring of gender identity, undermining marriage and even calling the act of children as selfish (instead of selfless).  He does it because he is afraid.  No wonder he attacks the family in as many ways as he can.  It is in a family, with a mother and father that children have the best chance to learning about our Heavenly Fathers plan for us.  I know the adversary is afraid when I date and fall-in-love with my eternal companion and I want to keep him that way by doing everything I can do to build up, inspire and strengthen my marriage-even if it is only one silly poem at a time 🙂


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