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Family Of Nine Sailing Around The World

Today I cried.  I thought my life was fun with 7 kids (only on the days no one comes to visit :), ‘Princess Evening‘, Daily Devotional, dogs, and ‘Silly Dates‘, but it is nothing compared to my sisters current situation with her 7 kids (yes we like kids in our family-if you met our kids you would know why 🙂 ).

A family of 9 sailing around the world!!

I was checking my emails and I got a message reminding me to check out my sisters blog about their current adventure.  I did and immediately, all my tough “I am not jealous” exterior collapsed.  As she described her two little kids practicing to paddle, I cried.  I want to be there.  I wanted to see their “sun-splashed” heads bobbing in and out.  I cried for my 12 year old self that lived that life over 20 years ago.  And I cried for my ‘poor kids’ who would never know what it was like to swim in aqua water that was so clear that you could see the bottom of the lagoon 30 feet below.  After I cried, I smirked to myself.  Coming from the family I come from, playing on the beaches I played on, traveling to the places I traveled to, the chances that my kids won’t have ‘their day in the sun’ isn’t very great.  And to think some people were worried that my nieces and nephews would grow up in a bubble without ‘real life’ experience.  Well I guess this isn’t ‘real life’ for most people, but it definitely is not in a ‘bubble’.  (One of my nephews went to an island with his Doctor Dad and helped deliver babies when he was 14 years old-but that is a story for another day.  That was back in the time when I wasn’t so mature and I bawled at ever letter wishing I could have joined them on their volcano)

13 on the boat? Looking a little squished 🙂

!These adventures are woven into our thoughts, dreams and actions. My time will come, and until it does, I will be thrilled every time I read one of my sisters sweet posts (after I cry) . Oh what an adventure they are going to have.


4 thoughts on “Family Of Nine Sailing Around The World”

  1. Loved this post, Bear. It’s true what you said about adventuring being in your blood. Even the life you’re living now is a great adventure – it’s just that the wind blows you around the prairies instead of the ocean. Your day will certainly come, but till then you can rejoice that someone else is doing all that hard work to enjoy the dream, and not you.

    1. Actually, I am living one very important part of my dream right now. It is a little colder than my sisters dream but just as exciting (for me). I just never knew my dream came with so much wind and mud 🙂 I would guess Kirsten’s kids didn’t know their dreams came with so little space and so many cockroaches 🙂

    1. This is one of the generic wordpress templates. I don’t know how to make them myself-and I am too busy with my family life to figure it out right now. I wish I knew more though. Good luck on your blog-it has been fun for me to my thoughts down.

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