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Manly Valentines Dinner For Me-A Tradition I Love

Recently I have been working hard at going to bed earlier in hopes that I stay healthy and can be a more involved mother.  So far it has worked pretty well (except for the nights I worked on my date kits for my husband) but last night I made an exception and can’t imagine making a better choice.  Every year on Valentines Day for the last 6 years my husband has got together with a bunch of other husbands and made a Valentines dinner for their wives.  This is a tradition that was started wholly by the men in a desire to honor their sweethearts, and it is by far one of my favorite date of the year.

Knowing the men involved, I am sure this idea was germinated by my two dear friends husbands who are both great cooks.  I imagine them getting all excited about what they were going to cook, and then approaching my husband with all their enthusiasm.  Mischievously I can imagine the look and delight turn to trepidation as my husband heard the plan.  That he loves me is no question.  That he relishes in making me feel special is not something I doubt.  I only know, that among the lengthy list of accomplishments my husband has, cooking is not found there.  I can easily picture his concern that he would have nothing to contribute.  Thankfully, those two wise men did not let him back out.  With some positive peer pressure they convinced him to get off work early and meet at one of their homes to ‘prepare’ for the ladies.  When he got there, that first night, they kindly put him in charge of the decorations.

Dutifully he called his mother-in-law and asked her what he should do to make the table look pretty and romantic.  Her advice was “Dip the glasses in water and then sugar so that the rims have an elegant sparkly line, put flowers on the table and hang pretty things from the chandelier, and finally take time to write a love note to each wife.”  Little did she know how her advice would be used.

When all three of us girls walked through the door, we could not hold in the giggles.  Nothing could have prepared us for what we saw.  Hanging from the chandelier were pink streamers woven around a an extension cord.  Boxing gloves were stuck on to part of the chandelier.  Our elegant glasses were mason canning jars-sweetly dipped in sugar.  I do believe there was a bouquet of dusty ugly fake flowers pulled out of a toy box somewhere in that room.  The best were the poems that sat prettily at each of our three seats.  Mine read “My wife, my wife, my wife, how I love my beautiful wife, my wife!” written thoughtfully by my friends 11 year old daughter!!  The whole evening went up from there.  The food was delicious, the conversation wonderful and we even played a few ‘theater sports’ games.

This tradition has been going on for four years and I love it.  This years theme (my husband is now the designated decorator) was ‘super hero’s’.  From the chandelier there hung different action figures, no extension cord this time or mason jars, but there was a pair of boxing gloves there.  Our company of 6 ballooned to a group of 16, and the evening was delightfully fun!


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