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Armor Of God Temple Pictures

sword shield knightA few nights ago some friends and I put on a Medieval “Armor of God” evening for our boys.  We used the talk by Sister Dalton called “Born To Lead” as our inspiration for the night.  It took tons of hours to put on, and I definitely could not have done it on my own.  The end result was amazing, the boys had a blast, the dad’s got to give advice to their kids, and us mom’s got the privilege of doing something to let those men our lives know they are special.  I find that with so much going on, the man I married, often gets the leftovers of my time, attention, laughter and just of me.  I served no leftovers on Saturday-giving them all the best I had.  One of the gifts that the boys received upon being “Knighted” was a picture of the temple with the words “Semper Fidelis Ad Deum” which is latin for “Every Faithful To God”

I spent way too long on the poster, and probably could have spent my time better elsewhere, but the truth was, I was having so much fun creating these posters.  I made a few before settling on the ‘perfect’ one for the evening.

Feel free to download and use any of them for your personal use.

blue sky temple for boys temple for boys night temple for boys night sapia texture sky blue sky temple for boys-no shield light temple for boys night sapia texture sky blue sky temple for boys-big shield boys temple scroll for blog


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