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Meaningful Christ-Centered Easter Traditions and Activities


I started blogging because I needed a venue to put my thoughts, pictures, activities, and to share any exciting thing I stumble across.  I want to keep a record of what I am doing with my kids, what works and what doesn’t work.  So far I have enjoyed blogging more than I ever imagined I would.

Remember Easter Past
Remember Easter Past

With Easter just around the corner I wanted to create a space for my past and hopefully future traditions to help keep this holi-day Holy.  I am grateful for the plethora of idea’s others have shared to help keep the holi-days, especially Easter and Christmas, Christ focused.  Reading their idea’s and experiences has helped me be more deliberate in my celebrations (for instance, this is only the second year in a row that I actually thought about Easter more than then week before).

Morning Devotionals are the one thing I try really hard to do each day, especially during Christmas and Easter. Last year I made up some devotionals for the week before Easter and I still refer to them.

Some of our favorite Easter activities-many coming from the devotionals are:

Orange Oil Lamp-clean out a half orange leaving behind the white pithy part (kinda hard-better with a thick peeled orange). Pour in olive oil and light.

–Making Clay lamps- if you let them dry they really work.  We also make lamps out of orange halves 🙂

Easter Tree Tutorial

—Putting up our Easter Tree-we love to put it up and decorate it with different clay doves that represent the “Names of Christ” (over 200), and other objects the testify of Christ and His mission-this year I found some branches that light up at our local thrift store.  We just glued tissue blossoms on them and ‘ta da’!!

Repentance Box Tutorial and free graphics

—Putting out our repentance box-it doesn’t get used as well as it should-I need to work on recognizing my sins and repenting of them better.

Clay doves tutorial

—Making Clay dove and stamping them with different ‘Names of Christ’

—Writing in our Easter Journal-Each year we try and write things we are grateful for during the Easter season.  We pack these journals away each year and bring them out at Easter.  It is so fun to read what we wrote there.

Drawn by my 10 year old niece
Drawn by my 10 year old niece

—Easter Art-Spring is a time of creation and birth.  We celebrate this by making unique Easter art each year.  My kids love painting, getting messy and creating.

—Memorizing the Living Christ-We have been working on it for two years and this year I think we will nail it thanks to our inspired Bishop who suggested that we all memorize it as a ward 🙂

Easter Garden
Easter Garden

—Planting a Easter Garden-Early in the month we plant an Easter Garden with wheat grass and any available potted plants-this year we planted tulips, it will be interesting to see if they will grow.  Last year I filled part of my Easter Garden up with crushed Oreo cookies and used it to teach a lesson on faith.  My kids still remember and requested for that lesson again 🙂

Easter Quill Pen
Easter Quill Pen

—Making a Quill Feather-One of the ‘Names of Christ‘ is Author and Finisher.  We love making our own ‘pens’ out of feathers, and ink out of berries or juice.

—Learning about the Apostles-Since Easter always comes around the time General Conference is held, we spend much of the month learning about the lives of different apostles

Ukrainian Easter Eggs
Ukrainian Easter Eggs

—Dying Easter Eggs-Since Jesus died for us, we make sure we spend a few different days during Easter to ‘dye’ for him too 🙂  We do normal dying and dying Ukrainian Easter Eggs.

Click for a free download

—Participate in a Passover type activity-Some years we do a mini passover, meaning, we eat lamb, bitter herbs, ect.  . . and discuss the symbolisms.  Other times we do a big dinner with a script, and other times we do a passover rotation activity.  During the passover rotation activity, 5 adults make passover stations where different families can come one at time to learn about the ‘four questions’, blood of the lamb ect. . .  We ask participants to dress up (now you know why I like it) in a biblical (AKA-bathrobes) garb. It is really great.

—Singing-We love to sing to the Elderly, especially at holiday times when they may be especially lonely.

—Secret Service-We try doing as much secret service during Easter as we can.  This usually is done in the form of making goodies, and dropping them off at someones house, ringing the doorbell and running.  My kids want any excuse to do this.

—Family History-Since Easter is all about the Atonement and Resurrection, I think doing family history work, indexing or learning about your ancestors is a great way to celebrate the fact that the Savior ‘broke the bands of death’.

—Visiting our neighbors baby lambs-This is one of my kids favorite activities.  They love visiting the lambs, and if possible feeding them. It is one of my favorite too.

—Watching Ten Commandments-Sometimes we just watch the ‘Passover’ part, or we did one year watch “The Prince Of Egypt” and the kids really like that 🙂

Wrap pastry dough around large marshmellows and cook

—Resurrection rolls-On Easter Sunday night we made resurrection rolls last year.  We just made a yummy white bread roll recipe and wrapped the dough around a big marshmellow.  This sight shows you and even easier way to do it.

Recently, while browsing the internet I came across a blog that listed a whole slew of websites that have idea’s to make Easter more Christ centered.  I have spent a little time on the different sights and can’t wait to try some of their ideas, especially the one about visiting a family grave on Resurrection Monday.  I love it when someone does all the work for me when planning activities.


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