Christ Centered Easter Avent Calendars

Names Of Christ Easter Eggs
Names Of Christ Easter Eggs

This year, I decided to make a simple Avent Calendar to help our family celebrate the Atonement more thoroughly.   Since I got this great idea just a few days ago I was looking for something fun and easy.  Since my kids love breaking things, and love coloring Easter Eggs, (and because I had 6 dozen Easter eggs in my fridge) I decided to use Easter Eggs as my Avent calendar.

Advent Easter Egg Calendar with Scripture
Advent Easter Egg Calendar with Scripture

All I did was blow the Easter Eggs, rinse them out, color them, stuff them with a scripture and some stickers and then close them up again.

The idea is that each morning one of the kids get to crack an egg on a siblings head to read and discuss the scripture inside.

It was really fun. I know they look like they were done fast (and today when we cracked one open, the scripture was all wet which means I didn’t wait long enough to let them dry) but I think they will work.  I like this idea because afterwards I don’t have more ‘stuff’ to deal with.  If I were in a pinch, and didn’t want to blow and dye the blow the eggs I could alway use plastic ones.  I also think I might look for things that symbolize Easter and have them hang an ornament on the tree each day.  I have seen people who sell a set of 12 like this.  I have never bought them because we don’t do Easter Egg Hunts at Easter time (instead we do them at our Big April Birthday party).  I found a blog that tells you how to make your own-which I think I will do next year.

Cracking the Christian Easter Advent Calendar
Cracking the Christian Easter Advent Calendar

anaya blog egg

My Easter decorations are a little bit plain (too much white) and I needed some color to bring in spring so at the same time we decided to dye some eggs and decorate them with different ‘Names of Christ‘.

Names Of Christ Eggs
Names Of Christ Eggs

Those turned out really pretty as well and as long as we have enough stickers or a permanent marker my kids will be able to dye as many eggs as they want without running out of names to decorate them with.

Here are some commercial or other Easter Avent Calendars available.  What is more interesting to me than the calendars themselves are the blogs they come from.  Reminds me of my researcher husband who tells me all the time that he finds the references to his ‘academic’ articles usually more interesting than the article themselves.

This one is super duper cute! I love it!!
Comercial Resurrection Eggs-Love the idea to use as an Easter Advent Calendar
Get your kids involved toilet paper roll Avent Calender
From HeartFelt-Not my style but durable and kid friendly
This Wooded Avent Calendar can be used for Christmas too-comes from Holy Experiece



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