Free Easter Posters

I was fooling around with Photoshop today and made some fun Easter posters just in time for the Holy Week.  I am excited for this next week and hope the flu goes away so we can enjoy it. This year someone invited us over to do a ‘christian’ passover.Holy Week quote 1 I think it will be really fun.  We normally do passover with my sisters, but this year we are doing a larger “Passover” evening with a large group of friends.  There is going to be 5 rooms to go to, each room having an activity that explains a bit about the passover.  The families go in groups from one room to another until they have done them all.  It was super fun last year.  This year we are doing the “Passover” evening on Monday for Family Home Evening so I was happy to be able to accept the invitation. Life eternal easter quote_1

It was cute how the invitation was given.  I was chatting with a friend of mine while we both watched our sons play basketball.  I don’t go to sporting events often, but when I do I always bring a video camera (to prove that I came) and yell really really loud (to remind my kids why they aren’t too sad when I don’t come 🙂 )Easter quote last supper

Anyways, I had been yelling and video taping for the last few hours and decided it was now okay to chat (with one eye on the court of corse).  While we were chatting she looked a little embarrassed and said “I was wondering, if you, well you know, umm, well in our family we celebrate passover on Thursday and wondered if you guys would want to come?”  She looked relieved when I told her that we do passover (of sorts) every year “Oh good, I just didn’t want your kids to come over and think that we were lame for just feeding them goat cheese and bitter herbs”.  I laughed and assured her that we would be delighted to come.

It is great to see that so many Christians are able to see the symbolisms in the Passover Ceremony. Here is a link to a great talk on the subject.


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