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The King and His Hawk


Once upon a time a great king was crossing the sultry desert. He had been hunting and now was lost. On his shoulder perched his trusted Hawk. Thirsty the King yearned for a drink, desperately he looked for a stream. After much searching he chanced upon a fountain of clear water. Kneeling down he was about to drink the water, when out of the sky the hawk swooped down and pecked his hand. The King was shocked at his hawks behavior but intent on getting a drink that he once again kneeled down to drink the water. Again, the hawk pecked at his hand. In a fit of rage, the thirsty king drew his sword and when the hawk came down the third time to knock the freshly dipped cup from his hand, the King killed the bird. With the dead bird laying on the ground the King bent one final time to get a glass of cool water to sooth his thrist. Just as he was about to drink the water the King noticed something in the water. It was a very poisonous dead snake. Instantly the King understood his hawks actions. A single sip of that water would have killed him. He sat beside the dead hawk and moaned, “I have lost you because of my blinding rage. All you were trying to do was to save my life!”


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