Day One-The Bombs Are Falling

My kids have been preparing for our latest ‘experiment’ for the last month.  My younger kids are excited, but the two older ones are not too impressed.  They do not think it will be fun and let me know that often.  I am not going to make them participate if they don’t want to.  It makes it so much less fun when you have complainers.  I haven’t told them that I am letting them off the hook, tomorrow they will find out.  Steve too is not enthused about this ‘experiment’.  I think he thinks I am weird 🙂  Took him long enough to find that out.

blindfolded blog
Today during FHE, unbeknownst to Steve and the three oldest, I had a surprise planned.  I told the littles because I didn’t want them to be scared.  They were so excited to have a ‘secret’ from the big kids.  First I blindfolded Steve and the three big kids.  I had the Proffitts over to video tape.  I told those blindfolded that each of the little kids were their ‘guide’ to a special place.  They had to listen to their guide and under no circumstances could they take off their blindfolds.
As soon as the four of them were in the living room I pressed play.  I had created a huge list of bombs going off, firecrackers, glass smashing and other loud noises.  I got some of the neighbor kids to come and yell, sprinkle water in their faces and shake the ground.  Then I yelled for everyone to get down “NOW”.  They did and removed their blindfolds (after I told them they could).  It was then I told them that the bombs had blown up all the roads and for at least one year there would be no buying groceries.  Their looks were priceless.  The little kids were giggling but the older (including Steve) were unimpressed.  I got everyone to go collect all the money they could find.  If the trucks ever did stop coming to town because of a disaster, the stores have about 3 days worth of food.  I told them that we needed to spend the next day taking inventory, and after dividing it in 12 portions (for each month) decided what we should go to the store and get.  The total amount we got was 316.  That included everyone’s savings (my 11 year old cried when he donated his money) except my 15 year old.  He swore he would not do it, said his life was over, told me that I was torturing him ect. . .  He had just got 100 dollars from his aunty and the idea of giving it up was more than he could bare. Finally we made a deal.  If he gave us his money, then I would split any money we had left with the three oldest kids (because they all put in 80-100 dollars each).  The idea that he could Make money won him over and he finally put it in.
We ended the evening watching the first half of Sound of Music.

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