Our Move

After 9 years of living in one area, our family has decided to move.  A lot of things lead up to this move, and even though I feel good about the move, it is hard.

Sunflower Sunday 2014 no liam or simon or violet or robyn
Sunflower Sunday Before Our Adopted Kids

When Steven and I decided to become the Private Guardians of a sibling group of 4, we knew our lives would never be the same.  It hasn’t been, but it has been infinitely more fulfilling than we could ever imagine.  It has been almost 2 years since they have come to our family and what a delightful two years it has been.  The hardest thing that we have had to deal with thus far is political.  We were initially told it would take a year to make the Private Guardianship final.  We still are waiting for this to happen.  It is frustrating and hard on the family, but we are hopeful that we will finally be over that hoop by the end of this year.


kamilah dancingOur new home is just outside a very large city.  We are on an acreage, but there are houses all around us.  Thankfully there are trees in our backyard, something I have missed incredibly.  The kids are delighted.  They go for walks every day that the winter weather allows them to.  We were hoping our trees were birch so we could tap them for birch water, but our landlord says they are poplars not birch.  What ever they are, they are gorgeous and we can’t wait to see them covered in leaves.

drive to our new house

Living in a rental after owning a home for nearly 10 years is strange.  I have way more time on my hands that I can remember having for ages.  There are no renovations to do (something we have been doing solid for the last two years as we try to make our home fit our expanded family-size).  We only brought up the simplest of furniture because we are making our farm home as a vacation rental this summer. There isn’t much laundry, no neighbors dropping by, no animals to care for except our dogs, and few social activities to plan or be invited to.  It is very strange.

benji and ca

We have called this home our “Winter Cabin” to romanticize this move.  It is very difficult for my oldest daughter, but the other kids seem to have adjusted well.  We light the fire every day, we tell stories, play board games, learn dances, cook, and spend hours on school.  It is wonderful to watch the kids play so well together, not being distracted by peers.  It is great to be that parent that actually has time to spend hours playing with her kids.  I feel like I was forced into retirement early and am just adjusting to the slower pace.  My oldest just got his first non-family job at A&W!!!

ethan at a&w

Steve is loving his job.  He has sacrificed his career for so many years in order to provide a home for his family in a place that was best for him.  Many times he had flirted with us moving so he could ‘advance’ in his field.  He never has because the life on ‘The Land’ was so beautiful that no amount of money was worth moving us away from there.  The kids are older, and the timing was right for this move.  I am grateful to see how much he is enjoying his work.  I love him so much.  He is such a wonderful person.  I have to admit that having him gone all day has been very hard for me to get used to.  He really is my best friend, and I have loved that he has been able to work from home for so many years.



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