A year ago I finally got my kids clean at the same time.
A year ago I finally got my kids clean at the same time.

I am Naomi, Sweetheart to one, Sister to my 10 best friends, Mama to seven, Nini to some, Bear to more and Aunty Bear to the best (besides the seven).  I homeschool.  I read.  I read.  I read (if the choice is groceries or books-the books usually come home and we eat beans-pathetic but true).  I change tons and tons of diapers, wipe lots and lots of noses, read a few books out loud (but provide 100’s of books to be read) and am a part-time house cleaner (of my own house).  Recently I moved to a little piece of heaven.  Heaven because it was mine.  I love gardening, but stink at it.  I love drawing, crafting, painting, and sewing-but I don’t do too well at those things either.  My talents are not singing, dancing, playing an instrument or speaking a language.  Where I excel (in my opinion) is working with children.  I love them (perhaps because I never grew up).

April Fools with my kids :)
April Fools with my kids 🙂

I love to teach them, play with them, and help them realize how important they are just being themselves.  I have worked with children in foster care, children with disabilities, children who live with FASD and ADHD and through it all have realized that every child is a ‘gift from God’.   My house is usually messy (especially now that I live on a farm), my kids hair and faces sometimes they look like they belong to an orphanage, but as long as they are happy at the end of the day I feel good.  I write my blog as a way to remember the ‘best’ part of my journey with motherhood.


What I write is true, but not the whole picture of my life.  My life is fuller, more complicated, more frustrating, more colorful, and harder than I ever could write about.  One day I will go back to school, travel the globe, write a book and change the world.  Right now I work hard at being happy schooling my kids, traveling to and from the creek (our favorite classroom), writing my blog and changing diapers 🙂 Oh yeah, one last silly thing about me, I love to dress up 🙂 and I am truly living my dream-mud, tears, stress, sisters, friends and all!!


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  1. You have a beautiful family. I am the one who requested the CD “Sketches”. Can you email your address to me to: thirstyboots@yahoo.com (when you can find time, of course!). Let me know how much the cd is and I will get it to you along with my address. Again ty so much! I admire that you homeschool. I just can’t do it. You seem really “cool”.

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