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Our Baby Lambs

IMG_8016In the heat of the afternoon today my husband is bringing home 6 baby lambs.  They are orphans, called bummer lambs, and are very fragile.  A few are a week old, but a few are just days old and very weak.  I am nervous.  Babies are so fragile, and babies away from their mama’s are more so.  I remember our baby goats being born.  It was on a cold windy sunday.  Bree, the mama gave birth to twins.  A husky boy and a fragile, wispy girl.  We had just driven home from church, hearts still pounding.

Bree and Duffy

As we left a fabulous meeting with Elder Holland, the wind was blowing wildly as we dashed to our car.  Breathless and cold, we were slowly leaving the parking lot when out of the corner of my eye I saw an elderly fall flat on her face.  It happened so fast and was at the other end of the road between two cars that I wasn’t sure that I saw things right.  Obediently my husband didn’t question me and zipped over to where I directed him.  Sure enough, there on the road was an older lady face first.  The wind must have pushed her over as she was trying to cross the street.  Luckily we saw her and we were able to get help to her fast.

Baby Goat

As we came up to our house in our suburban, I noticed Bree’s amazing accomplishment and we all squeeled for joy.  Then I saw the little doe.  It was so tiny and wasn’t moving.  The march winds were so cold.  Jacketless, I ran to her side and gathered her up in my arms and brought her and her shivering brother inside.  Carefully we dried her, laid her on our heated bathroom tiles and tried to get her to drink some milk Zik had just milked out.  That tiny little thing was feisty and refused to drink a thing from us.  Finally after multiple tries we got some milk in her.  For hours we kept her warm, fed her and watched her.  Then it occurred to me that unless I did something fast, I would be getting up all night feeding that girl.

Little Miss Loves Her Babies
Little Miss Loves Her Babies

It didn’t take long to decide to bring mama in the house.  While I fixed the mudroom, the kids herded mama in.  The mama happily fed the boy, but the little girl was too weak to compete with her brother.  For days we would have to pull the boy away to let the doe eat.  After a week of our house smelling like a barn-oh, I mean, after a week of it being a barn (luckily it was so cold outside that there were no flies attracted to our ‘barn’) we moved the family back outside.  I was so happy to have weathered my first birth on The Land (besides puppy births).

Milking Bree For Her New Babies
Milking Bree For Her New Babies

I am hoping that my experience with the goat will help me with these lambs.  I don’t really think I know what I am getting myself  into.  I am supposed to feed these babies EVERY 2 HOURS!!!!  Yikes, let’s hope it all will work out.  I am going to start them out in the shed but have a feeling that I may move them inside fast.


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Torah-A Gift From The Heavens

Happy Shavuot!!

The 10 commandments in the picture was made using a slate tile and a dremel tool! After we carved the Hebrew words we rubbed a light stain over the surface to help make the words stand out.

Actually Shavuot was officially yesterday (the Jewish Sabbath) but since I am not Jewish, I decided to celebrate it today (the Christian Sabbath).  Learning about Shavuot, and why the Jewish people celebrate it, has been an incredible gift to my family.  Rereading and studying the story of Moses has been a sweet experience for the family, as we really are trying to understand the significance of this event in our lives.

As members of The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter-Day Saints, I know I do not feel the same way about the 10 commandments that Jewish people do, but as a member of the The Church Of Jesus Christ, I think that we have a unique view about the role revelation plays in religion today.Our “Articles of Faith” number nine states “We believe all that God has revealed, all that He does now reveal, and we believe that He will yet reveal many great and important things pertaining to the Kingdom of God.”

Elder Hollands Talk "God's words. . .Never Cease"
Elder Hollands Talk “God’s words. . .Never Cease”

It is our “bold assertion” that “God’s words. . .never cease” that has set us apart from most religions, who feel as if God has given us all that he has to give us.  It is this “bold assertion” that made my father’s heart sing when he met with the Elders 40 years or so ago.  I remember him telling me as a child, that at first, when the missionaries introduced the idea of modern day prophets and The Book Of Mormon to him, he thought to himself “What?! More scripture then the Bible?” and then immediately something came to him that said “Of corse, doesn’t God love everyone equally?  Are we not as important to him, as the children of Israel were in Bible times?  Why then would we NOT have more scripture than the Bible, and why then would we NOT have living prophets today?”.  I have pondered that story my whole life and everytime I ask myself those questions, I am filled with joy knowing that we truly DO have living prophets that speak to us today and that revelations have not ceased!!!

burning bush luminiares
burning bush luminiares tutorial

Tonight, with that “bold assertion” ringing in my ear, I am going to gather my family together, light our burning bush luminaires, pull our the scriptures and we are going to start reading the whole night through!  We are going to show the Lord that WE are ready to receive revelation when ever he is willing to give it AND that we honor and value the revelation ALREADY given.

Easy Aged 10 Commandments DIY Tutorial For Shavuot
Easy Aged 10 Commandments DIY Tutorial For Shavuot